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May 23, 2021
Setting and Story written by “Soup” Thimbis created and portrayed by Barkley Brown. Kellan Deetletinker created by Amos Oliver and portrayed by Kit Harrison. Kellison Forrester as Sarin, Alvius, Marimus, and the drow. Ryan J Crowder as Colin and Oaktooth. Corbin Loveall as Montague Kalden Clark the bear angel as Aemil and King Klanovius Jarmus portrayed by Idiom Malicious. Andre Piper as Alwyn Lyrith. Iceddorkychai as Saint Emillia. Ava Rogers as Edea Everflow. Angelo Cerna as Draemus Everflow. Tony Campbell as Montraeus Everflow. M.J. Prettyman as Mary. Art supplied by Artist and Gothic architecture Cosplayer Mondoquando Follow his Instagram here: Syrinscape (We used it for the fire crackle)

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